Silent Wraith

(a middle grade horror)

Eleven-year-old David Kimura feels trapped by the dead woman lurking in his school library. No one else can see her, and it’s pretty hard to browse for books while she’s pointing a crooked finger at him and “speaking” without any sound. David's convinced she has something in store for him, something gruesome. And although he longs to be brave like the heroes in his adventure novels, this cold-eyed apparition just makes him want to hide in a corner.

But when David confides in his three best friends (otherwise known as the Geek Gang), they can’t wait to unravel the ghost’s secrets! No, this is not a good idea. In fact, it triggers a violent supernatural rage, and soon they’re battling horrors right out of their darkest nightmares—everything from a killer vortex to their own twisted, living reflections.

David’s terrified that he and his friends are doomed...until a shocking discovery changes the whole game. There’s a reason this spirit is targeting them, a reason worth fighting for. But defeating such pure evil is going to take more courage than he’s ever known. 

Modern Ghouls

(supernatural fiction)

Welcome to Ravenhurst, Massachusetts, where eleven locals vanished without a trace in 1971, and sightings arose of hunched, skeletal creatures lurking around the town's oldest cemetery in the dead of night.

Now, in 2015, history seems to be repeating itself. When wannabe paranormal researchers Lucy and Owen start exploring Ravenhurst’s latest oddities, they wind up tangling with a pair of ghouls hungry for human flesh, a grimoire with a mind of its own, and a cryptic Englishman by the name of Sterling Silver.

But as the present twists with the past, the mystery grows darker still, even with Sterling’s unexpected help. Someone summoned these ghouls, then and now. Someone has orchestrated the fates of the missing. And that someone is far from finished.