About Katharine

The very first thing Katharine wanted to be was a paleontologist. But the tide turned when she wrote a short, silly story about Paul Revere for a 5th grade homework assignment, which her teacher read out loud to the class as an example of "great writing". Unfortunately, Katharine hasn't written anything as good since, but there's nothing she'd rather do for a living.

She's a native of Los Angeles and a graduate of UCLA's Writers' Program, and she shares her home with her equally geeky and wonderful husband, two cats, and a Basset Hound.

While Katharine doesn't regret her choice to be a writer, dinosaurs will always make her sigh wistfully.

Random Facts

  • She likes to play antiquated computer games and still kind of wonders why she doesn't live in Daventry.

  • She can fence (badly), but she's never had the chance to swing on a chandelier.

  • Vincent Price is very possibly her guardian angel.

  • She can play Beethoven's 9th Sympony on a phone's keypad.

  • She makes sure to know important facts, like the name of the yeti in the Matterhorn at Disneyland (it's Harold).

  • A life-sized cardboard cut-out of Elvis spoke to her once (this totally happened).

  • She enjoys writing about herself in the third person because it sounds cooler that way.